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Hello peeps,

A quick question concerning reservoir mounting.

I bought a new case (Inwin 303c) and was wondering how i would mount a reservoir in there.

I was looking at the alphacool eisbecher tubes. But then i wondered how to mount it.

After some googling i found these.

Can i use the Ekweb mount (DDC model, 120mm fan placement) to fix this Alphacool eisbecher res?

Or if there are some other recomendations, i'm all ears.

Some additional info :

Rad will be a black ice sr-1 360 (from my first build) which will be mounted at the top (if possible)

fans are the old 120 gentle typhoons 1850rpm.

And i got the old Laing DDC. (would love to reuse this one but don't know about res and placement either)

Thans alot.

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There are some "mounts" on the bottom front side where you can mount one 2.5" hdd. They aren't really 100% compatible but you can use them to mount various pumps/reservoir with some "adapters".
There looks like what are 120mm fan mounting for just such ekwb pump brackets there as well. I used a different way but such a bracket would have been much easier to use.
It all depends if you want to mount a radiator at the bottom if it will work or not. Otherwise just use the bracket for mounting the pump on-top the radiator/fan mounts.

In the eisbecher there is included a stand/feet which is exactly what I used to mount my ddc pump to the backside at the bottom-front, but it will stand out from the back and toward the glass so you can't use that to mount a pump/reservoir combo, only the pump.

I would recommend the "EK-UNI Pump Bracket (120mm FAN) Vertical" if the mounting now was 120mm spaced(I didn't check as I never used the mounting holes, but they look like it) if you want it to stand on it.
Otherwise the Eisbecher comes with 120/140mm mounting so it could work without any extra accessories(maybe some spacers to lift it a short distance from the back would be needed).
Though I wonder if the pump will come too low down and hit the bottom of the chassis, then you could just use the fan mounts on the bottom of the chassis, "EK-UNI Pump Bracket (120mm FAN) would then be what you want.

As you see there are many options and you need to do the work and see which ones work and looks best and what you want to have.
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