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Ok was gonna use this but its PCIe i was told its AGP when i bought it lol.

Sempron 3100
512mb DDR can take up to 2gb of DDR
Geforce 6100 IGP
300W PSU

no HD but does have an XP key

wanna sell it whole
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yeah i would say 75.00, if you add the monitor and everything for it you might get 125.00 , they are also known for cheap psu's. i know of several that the psu has died and took out mobo and hd's with them.
PSU is mine and the XP key is worth 50 buy itself i know ive sold XP keys lol
50 tops... just donate it to good will and write it off on ur taxes
yall are undercutting it bad, all it needs is a hard drive
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