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[Email] SpaceTime3D! Beta

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I got this email today check it, its pretty cool.


Originally Posted by SpaceTime3D!
Congratulations! You have been selected for the new beta of SpaceTime3D!

Please click the link below, type in your search term and try this new visual way to search!


We really believe that SpaceTime3D offers an innovative, useful fun way to search Google, Yahoo!, Images, Wikipedia and more.
Before we begin:

THIS IS A BETA - We think it's really good, but you may find things that aren't perfect. We really depend on your feedback to help make SpaceTime3D better. This is so important to us that we are asking you to send feedback to us at [email protected]. We promise to be extremely responsive in getting back to you and making improvements. Help us make SpaceTime3D great!

WE'RE ADDING CONTENT - Now you can enjoy 3D Search (or Visual Search) from sites like Google, Wikipedia, About.com, Answers.com and Amazon. We're excited to expand this list of content but we want to make sure we make SpaceTime3D as good as it can be first.

IT'S USEFUL - Because SpaceTime3D works in any browser without a download, we think it's easily accessible, time-saving (because you no longer have to click back and forth between a list of search results and the actual web pages you really want to see) and fun.

FEEDBACK - As a new website, we are sure you'll find ways to help us improve SpaceTime3D and make it better. We welcome your feedback during this Private Beta and trust that you'll give us time to improve before you blog about it. Please email us comments at [email protected]

MAC USERS - Thank you so much for your continued patience. With the Mac's superior graphics and performance we are certain that SpaceTime3D will be especially captivating and useful for you.

TECH SPECS - SpaceTime3D works best with newer more powerful computers that have access to high speed broadband. Furthermore, we ask that you set your computer to a minimum of 1280 x 800 screen resolution or greater for the best experience.

Thanks for trying SpaceTime3D. Please let us what you think.

Eddie Bakhash
A New Dimension In Search
(917) 968-9695
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I have messed around with it for a bit, pretty nifty...

Wish it loaded quicker though but hey, a beta is a beta.
Very cool, although it does load kind of slow.

But maybe once they get it running smoothly, they'll upgrade their servers and add more, if they get a good response.

Although I still think I'd just prefer Google
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haha aww. at first i thought it was some kind of app or screensaver. then when i read more i thought "ooh, a google earth but for space". so its more of a search engine.

nice find, but not for me
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Really cool idea! Not sure when I would actually use this over google though.
pretty fun to play around, but it being slow and all the results popping open in a different window each time doesn't make this that practical.
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