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Empire: Total War Performance?

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I was wondering how it ran. The graphics look amazing and its such a massive scale. If its anything like the other games its going to require the best hardware out to max.

My computer is pretty good but I don't think Ill be able to max this with aa/af at 1920x1200.

Anyone (hopefully with a 4870x2) tried this game yet?
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I tried it on my sig rig and was able to max out every settings and still get good frame rates of course AA is turned off.
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Was able to max it during the demo w/ AA on (but at 4x or something I think) @ 1920x1200, and 4870x2 will completely waste my 8800 Ultra.

I do know it's very processor intensive though, and I'm running @ 4GHz. I don't know if it's Quad Core optimized. If it is, you'll slaughter the game.
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TY guys.

Assuming with all the stuff going on in the game, its probably quad core optimized.
I'm running the steam release now, and performance is absolutely horrendous on my sig rig. I'm going to run the drivers released yesterday, but I don't think they'll have optimized E:TW yet. So far i'm very dissapointed,

also the demo ran like butter on my sig rig when I had my 8800gtx, so I'm just confused at performance
I'm running on ultra with my sig rig... doesn't really help you per your questions however, my rigs on the new side... i turned AA down to 4x from 16x or whatever. The game itself is gorgeous, and runs well. At these settings, the map is actually a lower framerate than the battles, which run smoother than sinead o conner's head.

I, however, suck at this game, and battles rapidly devolve into what could only be a cluster... cluster.

Originally Posted by thiosk View Post
I, however, suck at this game, and battles rapidly devolve into what could only be a cluster... cluster.
Hehe, I've found the easiest way is a combination of heavy artillery, heavy cavalry, and using your infantry pretty much only as a diversion or defense from high ground.
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