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Encode360 2.0 beta 6 Released

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It’s been an awfully long time coming, but I figure that’s it high time I released a Stable build. For everyone who’s stayed with 2.0b5 since the last release around Christmas, there’s been a LOT of changes….

Encode360 2.0 beta 6 Changelog (Abridged):
  • NEW: FLV & WMV Support
  • NEW: Ability to Drag/Drop re-order of items in the encoding list.
    NEW: “Enable / Disable Subtitles through FFDshow†to Advanced Settings
    NEW: “Preferred Subtitles Language†Option to Advanced Settings. This is so that PreProcessing Scripts (such as the updated one for MKV files) can extract and use them
  • NEW: ETA on Encoding Completion (Requested by damski)
  • NEW: Shutdown PC when finished (Requested by Hitcher)
  • CHANGE: Massive internal re-write. I had been putting this off for a while, but eventually I had to do it. I’ve compartmentalized all of the Encoder code into a separate class and re-written huge segments. This has eliminated a HUGE amount of the codebase, and made it a lot more flexible.
  • CHANGE: Disabled .NET x86 directive. This means x64 isn’t currently supported, until someone gets around to re-compiling specifically for 64-bit. Schlicky will hopefully do this over the next few days
  • CHANGE: Huge overhaul to the Aspect Ratio handling code. Now works with Non-Square Pixel videos (Thanks to Zen)
  • CHANGE: Seriously cleaned up Debug Information
  • CHANGE: Rewrite to the PreProcessing Script code. New MKV PPS Scriptlet linked below. Extract to the Encode360 folder (will create a subfolder called MKV\\)
  • CHANGE: Logging now includes less useless details, and more important details
  • CHANGE: Debug Info is no longer a Top-Most Window
  • CHANGE: An error is no longer displayed if no subtitles were found in an MKV
  • CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to (LOTS of media-detection bugs fixed)
  • FIX: Framerate “Double†error could occur if not using English as your Locale Settings (thanks to Zen)
  • FIX: Certain audio streams returned an invalid sampling rate which caused Encode360 to bomb out
  • FIX: If Autoscale was not enabled and was a saved setting, the Output Resolution was always 0Ã-0 unless you ticked and unticked Autoscale
  • FIX: Non-Square Pixels were always detected, even when the source video wasn’t
  • FIX: Invalid duration times in a number of container formats, ie, MKV, OGM (which led to a host of other problems)
  • FIX: Force 2 Channel Audio Downmix setting now saved
  • FIX: Force Quality Based Audio Encoding setting now saved
  • FIX: Better Exception handling when running PreProcessing Scripts
  • FIX: Ratio division bug - see http://dcunningham.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=283
  • FIX: If autoscale was disabled, Height / Width values were inverted resulting in a bad encode
MKV Subtitle Pre-Processing Scriptlet Changelog:
  • NEW: Subtitle Language Support
  • NEW: Support for additional subtitle formats: UTF, IDX, SUB, SRT, SMI, RT, TXT, SSA, AQT, MPL and USF
  • CHANGE: Better debug output for troubleshooting
  • CHANGE: Updated MKVToolNix
Download Encode360 from here

Download MKV Subtitles Pre-Processing Scriptlet from here

Thanks to everyone who report bugs and fix problems. Hopefully this release will inject a bit more life into the project!
Source: Dcunningham.net

In case you haven't heard of Encode360, you can use it for media playback on your 360 and Zune.
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Sweet I had the last version for awhile, this program is nifty, rep to you.
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