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[ENDED] FREEBIE: Trend Micro Maximum Security 2012 - 3 user 100% Legit Serial Key

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Hello All!
So, I have been on the forums for a little while now and I have simply fallen in love. The help, knowledge, and support this forum provides is astounding. This is my first freebie and although it's not much, I hope this helps someone somewhere out there save money.

There are no requirements except to have already been a member at the creation of this post.

Download the maximum security 2012 version here:

Winner will receive the serial key by method of her/his choice.

Good Luck!

Oh and I forgot to mention I will pick a winner on 1/19/12 @ midnight Eastern Time United States
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In. Nice first freebie!
in =)
Heck I'm in!
In please. Could be useful.
Wow I'm in, your a great person.

Thanks again,

I'm in! Would love to have this for my parents, they can't seem to help themselves with spam mail sometimes. Free programs never work either.
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Why not.. In.
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