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[ENG] ASUS Maximus III Extreme mobo lets Bluetooth cellphones tweak settings

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ASUS has been giving its motherboard owners ways to tinker with their wares for years now, but it sounds like things are about to get seriously amped up with the Maximus III Extreme. The P55-based board, which falls into the growing Republic of Gamers lineup, adds a new feature to the existing ROG Connect overclocking system: Bluetooth control.

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very bad idea.
This would be something I would disable instantly.
they should stop wasting their time on useless things that will only lead to exploits...
They should spend more time on making their MB better overclocking, cheaper to make more durable then these stupid useless marketing ideas.
Utterly useless, just like controlling your car from your iPhone.
on the plus side at big LANs (where egos can sometimes get the better of people), you know exactly who bought their "Self-built custom gaming beast" instead of built it when their PC underclocks to the level of an old Northwood.

and the defense "I swear, I never touched it" would actually be legitimate
Asus Rampage III Extreme, Yes. There's an App for that.

Although Bluetooth for overclocking is kinda stupid, It would be nice for just random things, like syncing phones and stuff. Also, After you're OS, If you'd be able to display computer stats on something like a iPhone, that would be bad-ass.
How utterly useless!

How about: instead of creating useless gimicks that no real overclocker will use, actually put money into making these P55 boards as cheap as they were avertised to be in the beginning!

All I see are boards costing just the same as their X58 cousins....
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if they are going to add bluetooth at least add a handheld device that allows you to pin in numbers on the fly.
Seems pretty awesome to me lol.
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I got a similar one with a Pentium 4 3.06Ghz but after 1 year of use the surface is all scratched up and you cant identify the CPU name.

Originally Posted by ZealotKi11er
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I got a similar one with a Pentium 4 3.06Ghz but after 1 year of use the surface is all scratched up and you cant identify the CPU name.

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Thumbs down!
I wonder what idiot in ASUS' marketing department came up with this one. What was he thinking "You know, if only our boards could be controlled with our bluetooths (blueteeth?). That will DEFINITELY satisfy our middle-aged businessman market." You know what ASUS absoutely NEEDS to do is make it so that I can overclock over TCP/IP. Just in case I need to overclock at work or home. That will make life SO much easier for a busy person like me who just doesn't have time to hit my power button and use BIOS.

Maybe they should do something useful and start implementing more than 2 slots for their SATA 3.0 and USB 3.0 on their x58 boards. Seriously, who cares about P55?
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