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[Engadget] A pictorial guide to the subtle differences between small, cheap laptops

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We've yapped it up with MID and UMPC makers before in order to figure out exactly what makes the two any different from one another, and now that lines are being blurred at a blistering pace in the ultraportable / netbook / low-cost laptop / undersized PC market, it's about time someone laid down some ground rules. Thankfully, there's no "discussion" necessary here -- just follow that flow chart above and you'll be an expert in seven to ten seconds flat. Guaranteed.
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"Im Stuck" lol
Do you absolve the register of all legal responsibility from the reckless of the word Netbook?
That is so awesome xD! Thanks for posting it
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According to that, my Macbook is an ultra portable.
that was a good read with all the options,
cheers for the find,
That was on El Reg the other day. I did also chuckle.
I lol'd at that whole thing.
Good find.


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Didn't your mother ever tell you if you don't got something nice to say, don't say anything? You should ask her. She's probably in the next room...
Go waste bandwidth somewhere else...
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That was great XD

lol at the "PC Formerly Known as Netbook".
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