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[Engadget] Cables Unlimited Wireless USB kit

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Wireless USB might be heading toward the cemetery, but that doesn't mean it has expired just yet. With WUSB startup WiQuest calling it quits, the window of opportunity is wide open for rival Wisair. If you'll recall, one of the biggest hurdles WiQuest never could overcome was generating an energy-efficient one-chip solution; lo and behold, Wisair has done just that. We can't say with any level of certainty that this Wireless USB Adapter Kit contains the module we saw hit the FCC nearly a year ago, but regardless, the new set enables non-WUSB-enabled devices to still enjoy the spoils of cordless USB transfers. The $79 to $99 set contains a pair of dongles -- one for the computer, one for the device -- and the company is already planning to sell 'em individually so you can make every last USB device you own a cable-free one. Can Wisair single-handedly revive the flagging technology? Let's kick back and see, shall we?


this seems kinda useful? not sure about the range of these things but it has some promise
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Free live?!
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