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[Engadget] Castrade intros CV-MP02 pocket projector

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Castrade, previously known for the CV-MP01 pico (you remember: the one that famously fits inside a win glass) has just announced the CV-MP02, a larger but still decently small pocket projector. This little guy looks a lot like 3M's MPro 110, but the VGA (640 x 480) projector boasts 10 ANSI lumens, uses an LCoS display, and the use of LCD lamps should reduce heat and sound coming off the projector. It's got two ports (composite and VGA), and uses a lithium-ion battery for about an hour of running time before needing a charge. It's a Japan only release, and will cost ¥35,000 (around $400).
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Cheap and small, might get it if it gets its way to the US
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