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[Engadget] Credit Card style MP3 player isn't likely to increase your wealth, coolnes

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We've seen some ultra-thin MP3 players, even ones that were credit-card sized, but this newest one actually maraudes as a credit card, numbers and all! There's perilously little information available about the device, but we can tell you this: you'll look and feel awesome sporting it, should you ever be able to get your hands on one; which we doubt. Price and availability are a mystery to us all.

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Originally Posted by Teufle
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Thats crazy. Id be afraid to break it!

Well if it's made of similar credit card plastic...it would be pretty tough to snap. That headphone jack would be of concern though.
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Not truly credit card thin then with the jack eh? I think a shuffle looks better.
Then you use it to pay for things:

"Give you three songs for those banannas."
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