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[Engadget] HP Mini 1000 six-cell battery now available to order, for real

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You may still not be able to get that VGA adapter, but it looks like HP Mini 1000 users can now finally get their hands on the six-cell battery for the netbook, which should provide a significant boost over the stock three-cell battery. As you may recall, this follows a brief spat of seeming availability in January but, judging from some of the responses on the HP Mini forums, it looks like HP has since canceled the few orders that got through before the battery was pulled from its site. Those folks may not be too disappointed any longer, however, as the battery now has a price tag of $95.99 (after a $20 instate rebate), which is quite a bit easier to swallow than the $153.90 that HP was originally asking.

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Meh, arguably the worst netbook anyway. I guess it looks pretty though...
I'll take a Mini 9, kthx
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