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[Engadget] Sony Style Comcast Labs opens to show off future of high-speed internet

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Eager to see what life's like on a Sony VAIO hitting speeds in excess of 160Mbps? Head on over to the City of Brotherly Love, as that's where a flashy new retail location is opening up to simultaneously showcase the future of high-speed internet and Sony gear. The Sony Style Comcast Labs facility will open its doors to the public tomorrow in Philadelphia's Comcast Center, where onlookers will be able to check out the power of DOCSIS 3.0 as well as some applications and platforms being developed to take advantage of all that speed. As far as we can tell, this co-branded location is nothing more than a showcase of current and future products for both firms, though we fully anticipate that reps will be on hand to take orders of whatever you fall for while browsing around. Anyone down for checking it out?

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