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[Engadget] Stanton's T.55 and T.92 USB turntables take vinyl to MP3 sans fuss

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We've already seen a number of mainstays in the turntable game crank out decks that easily archive vinyl records to MP3, and now we've got a new pair from Stanton making that same claim. The T.92 and T.55 USB turntables each feature USB and S/PDIF outputs and come bundled with Cakewalk Pyro Audio Creator and Audacity software. On the hardware front, you'll find an S-Shaped tone arm for lower distortion and reduced record wear along with a built-in DSP with key lock for controlling tempo without affecting pitch. As for differences, the T.55 is a belt-drive turntable that features a straight tone arm, while the T.92 touts a high-torque direct drive motor. Check 'em both right now at popular music retailers across the globe for $299 (T.92) and $199 (T.55). Full release is after the break.

Stanton Introduces T.92 and T.55 USB Turntables

Newly upgraded DJ decks allow users to archive & convert vinyl records into MP3

HOLLYWOOD, FL â€" March 17, 2009 â€" Stanton DJ, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for DJs, announces the addition of two new turntables to their array of pro DJ decks: the T.92 USB and the T.55 USB. Both turntables feature USB and S/PDIF outputs, so any DJ or serious record collector can archive their vinyl library into a Mac or PC with ease. The T.92 USB and T.55 USB each come with special music editing software, Cakewalk Pyro Audio Creator â„¢ as well as Audacity â„¢, to make the transferring process simple. The included programs give users the ability to edit and clean up music files, so all of the pops and clicks commonly associated with vinyl records can be removed, restoring the music for professional use.

The T.92 USB is a professional-quality turntable featuring a high-torque direct drive motor for the ultimate in stability. In addition to the USB archiving capabilities, the deck also boasts a number of performance features, including an S-Shaped tone arm for lower distortion and reduced record wear, built-in DSP with key lock for controlling tempo without affecting pitch, and many other optimal features geared toward pro DJs such as UK's Jenna Gibbons, who has already incorporated it into her rig.

The T.55 USB is a reliable and user-friendly belt-drive turntable that features a straight tone arm, which gives the unit superior tracking. "The T.92 and T.55 are unique in that they appeal to the DJ and the consumer. They are equally adept at providing a DJ a great deck while allowing anyone to quickly transfer their vinyl collection to their computer" said Tony Rodrigues, Stanton Group's VP of Marketing.

The T.55 USB and T.92 USB are built on a rugged and sturdy base, but are polished with a stylish new black and gunmetal finish. Each of the turntables also come equipped with a convenient slipmat, a dust cover, and Stanton's renowned 500.V3 cartridge, which features audiophile-level sound quality.

The T.92 USB is priced at $299 MAP, and the T.55 USB at $199 MAP. Both units are available now at leading music retailers worldwide.

For more information on the T.92 USB and T.55 USB, as well as Stanton's full line of DJ equipment, please visit www.stantondj.com. To request additional information or images of the T.92 USB and T.55 USB, please contact PR Representative Breen Halley at (305) 576-1171 x23 [email protected].

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my guess is that Records didn't have any copy protection
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