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[Engadget] Toshiba offers up JournE air 801 / 1000 WiFi digiframes

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Another day, another digiframe to incite waves of yawns. This go 'round, we're looking at a pair from Toshiba, which have been announced for a bit now but just got priced across the pond. Both JournE air frames include built-in WiFi capability and offer online access to photo communities like Flickr and Picasa. As for the former, it touts an 8.4-inch LCD, dual 0.5 watt speakers, an exchangeable metallic silver colored frame, rechargeable battery, touch-sensitive buttons, 1GB of internal memory and a multicard reader that accepts SD, SDHC, MMC, Memory Stick, MSPro and xD cards up to 4GB in size. The bigger brother (that'd be the 1000, y'all) ups the ante with a 10-inch LCD and support for internet radio. Reportedly, these will run you £139.99 ($195) / £169.99 ($237), respectively, when they land sometime this quarter.

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