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[Engt] ASUS to showcase Marine Cool concept motherboard at CeBIT

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Check it, OC'ing freaks -- ASUS is apparently planning to debut a new concept motherboard at CeBIT, the aptly titled Marine Cool. The high-end mobo is said to be "unlike any other motherboard on the market," with the all new backplate being the showstopping feature. It's said that the backplate features a "micro-porous ceramic" technology, which delivers quicker heat dissipation than existing alternatives. If you're still scratching your head in a seemingly futile attempt to figure out why this matters, the new cooling tech should allow for components to handle even more extreme overclocking without having to hook up some sort of liquid nitrogen rig. One curious aspect was the decision to include dual SO-DIMM slots in place of traditional desktop-grade DIMM slots, though we don't suspect that'll be a deal breaker for those willing to accept sacrifices for maximum cooling. As is always the case with ASUS, there's no indication of a price or eventual commercialization date, but hopefully we'll get more from the show floor in Hannover.

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Looks ugly as sin IMO
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Unless you are going for some kind of extreme military-themed case mod or something, no one in their right mind would buy this, if for no other reason than the SO-DIMM memory requirements, I mean, what were they thinking? Anyone who is willing to shell out the dough for a board like this (it will be plenty expensive i'm sure) will want super high-performance memory, and the stuff available in that form factor (SO-DIMM) just doesn't cut it.
That is SICKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

It would Def cause problems with some ream heat sinks though
ASUS tower hotel heatsink - check
ASUS stadium chipset heatsink - check
ASUS four-leaf-clover interchange for OC luck - check
ASUS transit authority heatpipes - check

methinks ASUS is using ex-civil engineers for their mobo cooling designs

also... so it's a big backplate to conduct some heat away. at least it's large enough that it looks like it will maybe figure into cooling. but then again i haven't taken thermodynamics haha.
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under one of the heatsinks is onboards ram. in case your rams fails
so wth is with with laptop ram? i dont get, if its an overclocking board isnt it supposed to support overclockable ram?

Originally Posted by thehighlander123
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so wth is with with laptop ram? i dont get, if its an overclocking board isnt it supposed to support overclockable ram?

^^ Ummm You would think!!!

*random review guy at CEBIT*
Sees board...Picks up board

Nice effort there Asus- nice theme, great innovations (especially teh advanced ceramic composite cooling ooooooohhhhhhhhh)
Me likey, Me want!...

*Scrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeech* grinding halt.

Whatttt The EFFFFFFFFFFF??????????

Put's board down and backs away slooooowly


and yes; sorry charlie.... it's Repost
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