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Hey all, just wondering if anyone else out there uses this mobo and what kind of overclocks they have been able to achieve with it... I currently lack a PSU capable of giving me anything over a 100mhz overclock which is very dissapointing but should soon change when the OCZ or PC Power psu gets ordered up.

I've been in and out of the EPoX manual for this board trying to aid myself in getting it to overclock faster without doing anything drastic to the voltages but haven't had much luck. I guess I just haven't figured out exactly what all of the BIOS settings do or how they are labeled in comparison to the articles I have read that talk about getting successful overclocks. Can anyone with this board help me out with some good BIOS settings to get me started?

The review that made me buy this specific board talked about how it was a super board for overclocking with a great chipset and awesome price tag. The review I had read about it consisted of this board, an Athlon 64 3000+ (Winchester), and 2 x 512mb OCZ Rev2 EL Platinum PC3200 ram. They were able to overclock their 3000+ setup to a stable 2.4ghz with a good aircooling setup.

All in all, even without an impressive overclock this mobo has been super, it's very reliable, has an awesome chipset, and a plethora of overclocking options.
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