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[ericeod] CM 690 water cooling radiator help

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I have a CM 690 case and I'm looking to watercool my Q9550 CPU so i can hopefully get into some large-scale water cooling.

I'm looking to get a Swiftech MCR220 Radiator, and have that mounted on top, where the 2 120mm blowholes (is that right?) are located. For the top cover, i cut out the plastic design things underneath the mesh.

I don't want to go into any intense case modding, like cutting the metal parts, and I don't want to have an externally mounted radiator. I'm going to be picking up some Yate loons 120x120x20mm which will fit between the top of the chassis and the mesh.

my question is, would I be able to mount a MCR220 Radiator on the top where the 2 120mm fans are supposed to go? I saw ericeod did something like this, and I wanted to PM him but i'm a new user, and I can't pm, so .. heh =/

btw, i love these forums, they were so helpful when building my first rig, hopefuly i can get some decent help with water cooling
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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