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Erm,,Do I? Or Dont I?

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here goes. soz if its long winded

in my studio pc.. i have some nvidia card borrowed from a friend
this pc is just running all the music for the day and also editing and drawing stuff for peoples tattoos.

my girlfreinds pc has a ATI X1900xt. that she is happy with.. it my old card.. she gets all my hand me downs.

in mine i got 2 8800gtx oc2's (sig rig)

the problem is, the card at work needs to be returned to the owner.

so i can either buy a cheep card to go in there.
or he also offered me a nice price for one of my 8800's
so i could sell him one of mine,, put my other in my gf's pc. then her x1900xt in my work pc.. then that leavs mine empty...ooooh

part of the cunning plan.. just noticed my tax bill isnt as bad as i thought this year. so allongside saving for other things at the moment.. i now have some extra inhand burnable cash

would a single 280 OC card replace both my 8800's nicley till i get chance to get another?. is that the best nvidia on sale? i want a good card!

these things are a 1gig card.. and my 8800's are 1.5 combined but thats sli.. so would a single card kik the arse i want.. on a 24" screen running hi res's

all thoughts and abuse welcome..
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yes the GTX 280 1gb would be a nice upgrade to your SLI 8800GTX and no your sli setup is still like 768mb mirrored with both in SLI.

If money isn't an issue then get the GTX 280 but I would go with GTX 260 216sp if that was me. And for the price you're paying for the GTX 280 why not go for a HD 4870X2?

Hope that answers some of your questions.
thanks.. thats kinda what i wanna know...
as for the HD 4870x2... i would but ive not long got this motherboard so ati is out as i have 3 pci-e slots.. and would like to maybe fill atleast 2 of them
If you're not a gamer, any card will do.

If you are a gamer then get two GTX 260 in SLI and that would kill anything you had and will save you some money over two GTX 280 in SLI or one 4870x2.

If you don't care for SLI a GTX 260 or a GTX 280 would do very well over what you had as well and be cheaper then the 4870x2.
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I would go for a GTX 280 OC and not look back
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i am a gamer.. and the 280 oc is what i would like to get (well its the one that i thought was the mutts nuts? sounds like it is)).. there is a bfg version at a local place.. im thinking maybe monday.. being my day off work
How much is it at your local place?
Ebuyer have them pretty cheap atm..

...there is a bfg version at a local place.. im thinking maybe monday...

Great, go for it!
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here in the UK we get to pay out of our ass for everything.. a place up the road from me does a bfg 280 oc for £340 or a oc2 for £351 . but oc2 not in stock.
so i wouldnt be paying postage.. gonna chek this ebuyer... never realy bought pc stuff online before.. i like to pay cash and buy
but i have just got a debit card. haha im 36 and just got my first plastic LOL
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I use to buy from local stores, but there are so many deals from online stores, it's a win, win for everyone, especially when shipping is low or free!!!
hmm just realised its my birthday in a week.. i might have to buy 2 cards

ebuyer is a bit cheeper btw.. thanks for the headsup
Two 280 cards!! There a good £200 each! I can only just afford 1 GTX260 Card! Oh and take a look at the EVGA GTX260 Core 216 or the XFX GTX260.

The EVGA is the same price and faster slightly but the XFX comes with a cool door hanger =]
find me them for 200 ish each and ill buy 3.. the best price i seen sofar is about 320 for a bfg 280 oc
Oh tat2monsta I meant the GTX260 not the GTX280. Although they are about the same in benchmarks the only difference is the £100 increase in price.

XFX GeForce GTX260 - £220 Inc. VAT

EVGA GeForce GTX260 Core 216 - £240 Inc. VAT
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Don't forget that this is for your work computer and can be claimed for tax

Have you looked at 3x GTX 260's? That would be crazy. I like 1 card over 2 or 3 but it would be fun to try and you got the power supply for it
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hmmm.. i got a couple days to work this out.. but im selling one of my 8800's on sunday. so time is short

these cards will go in my sig rig.. home/gaming thingy

the old x1900xt will go in my work rig.. and yeah ive just claimed back on that one.. hence i dont have as much to pay i origionaly thought

ooh and Toonshorty.. that second link is a nice one.. cheers.. but i think im set on 280's
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Your current setup is still 768MB. SLI does not add the memory from both cards together!

But at any rate, I think you go with the cunning scheme and buy yourself a shiny new GTX280!!
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Originally Posted by tindolos
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Your current setup is still 768MB. SLI does not add the memory from both cards together!

But at any rate, I think you go with the cunning scheme and buy yourself a shiny new GTX280!!

doh.. my bad.. thats somthing i didnt know... cheers.. you guys have been helpfull
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well it was cleard by my gf.. lol she gets one of my 8800's now

i ordered and picked up a bfg oc 280 today

it automaticly upped my settings on fallout3 to ultra high. i think it a bit much tho as the game is struggleing a little on the setting. but thats on max everything even res

all i gotta do now is find some pads for the 8800gtx. as the cooler dont sit right with normal paste.. ive emailed bfg to see if they will send me some.
fingers crossed
i wanna get another one of these cards when the prices drop a bit
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