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Error 74 and no warranty, suggestions?

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Buddy of mine has the Error 74 and the bottom right red light on his console. I have youtubed a few videos, But I was wondering if anyone here has actually worked on the error or has and first hand experience with it.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Well, i had bought a used (broken) xbox 360 that was supposed to be plagued with RROD. i turned it on before opening it up and it flashed the three red rings. I opened it up and removed the clamps cleaned the gpu/cpu used the bolts/washers tightened it down. turned it on and prepared to overheat it. but instead it just worked.
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My previous Xbox 360 had this error but it wasn't fixable so I had to rebuy a new one.
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Seems like one of those " try and see" deals.

thanks for the input guys.

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I would still call them about it, do you know when the box was bought? There was supposed to be a 3 year extension on the warranty. If you check out wikipedia, there should be one post that shows that the vice president of microsoft announced the three-year warranty. Mine was pat the one year mark and I showed the tech rep the three year extension link and she finally accepted it.
Thats for the RROD only. This is not the RROD.
Oh sorry I must have skipped that when I read it the first time.
E74 error can sometimes be fixed, but most of the time it cannot. It's basically rare to be able to fix it, so most of the time the only fix is going and getting a new console.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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