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Error installing Ubuntu

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Hi guys and gals, i have a problem. I am trying to install linux in a dual boot with my xp. I am new at this but i think all i gota do is start my pc with the ubuntu disk in it. So i did that and the ubuntu main screen came up. I selected English then i selected, Install Ubuntu. Then it goes to work and after bout 3 mins it comes up with the following text. "Buffer I/O error on device fd0, logical block". Anyone got any clues why its doin this. If i need to do ANYTHING else before this please let me know. Thanks alot for your time everyone.
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I came across this problem and couldn't find a solution to it almost a year ago.

For now i would say stick with Windows unless you have some luck google'ing a fix. (you might need a linux guru, lol)
Disable floppy drive in BIOS, unless you actually have one.
fd0 is your floppy disk. If you do not have a floppy disk on your system, then you need to go inside your BIOS and disable floppy support. That should fix it.
yes it your hard drive? make sure your ubuntu disc is ok and doesn't contain any error
I went through this a few days ago when trying to install linux mint. It kept giving me the same error. I checked to make sure that the floppy was disabled, and it was.

My problem was that it wouldn't detect my sata hdd. When entering using compatibily mode it gave me the error. I ended up using an IDE hdd and it completed the install with no problems at all.
Thanks for replies. I disabled the floppy in my bios then it gave me umm, i forgot exactly, but a screen came up with something like "initframs" and it was a command line. Had no clue what to do so i googled that and it said it wasnt recognizing my sata. So i changed my settings in my bios for my raid settings to raid, even though i am not raiding. Then Ubuntu would load up fine, but then i couldnt get into windows. So for now im just gonna wait and install Linux on one of my other pc's this weekend im hoping. Thanks for the help gents.
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