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eSATA backup issues..grr

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Well, I have a P5K-E wifi/ap, and in it is a jmicron JMB363 Pata/esata controller. Well I cannot use acrnois (or ghost) recovery media to access my esata 1tb external backup drive (western digital mybook home edition). Acronis gives cannot read sector errors, and the drive just doesnt show up in ghost. eSATA and the drive DO work in windows with the appropriate driver installed though, so the controller and drive do work.

I have also tested both recovery media discs in another computer with a different esata controller and the drive/recovery media work fine and I can see the eSATA drive. (so the drive and software are good) Its just with p5k-e jmicron controller that I cant use the esata with acronis/ghost recovery media. Anyone else have these issues and if so, is there perhaps a workaround or fix???

I tried updating bios..
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