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[Escapist] Zero Punctuation: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

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anyone else notice the subliminal messages?
I'll watch this at some point.

I remember his Bulletproof game. I would love to test that theory out, 50 cent needs shooting in the face.

Originally Posted by Aaroman View Post
anyone else notice the subliminal messages?

Oh and for those easily offended, don't watch the end.
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Lol, half of the video was mostly a rant towards 50 Cent rather than the game

And the ending was brilliant as it was exactly how South Park episode with mr.garrison and celebrities ended. Classic.
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Zero Punctuation: 50 Cent: Head in the Sand
I love Zero Punctuation. Touchy subjects, kept it funny, yet at the very same time, I just love it when he completely disses a game. As for 50 cents game or any game of the sort, you can't make gold from turd.
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This was just a "i hate 50 cent rant". Bloody funny, but i bet he'll get some community flack for it!
You know what is funny, at Best Buy, this game cost more than great titles like:

Killzone 2
Left 4 Dead
Halo Wars
Resident Evil 5

just to name a very select few.
Boom. Love hearing 50 cent getting trashed. He generalises rap music like I do, too.
I had no idea this game came out, but it sounded pretty stupid...
Wow. I didn't think that's where the end of the video was going but damn it was funny.
50 Cent was good when he brought out the "Get Rich or Die Tryin' " album, but then he got greedy and started rapping about how he's rich and how we are not and basically flat out laughing at us in his "Curtis" album. At the same time, Kanye West was bringing out his new album on the same day, called "Graduation". 50 and Kanye battled and agreed on whoever sells the least albums on debut day will retire. 50 lost. Now he has 2 new albums coming out "Before I self Destruct" and an 5th untitled studio album.

50 is a liar and a terrible rapper!
surprisingly enough, not much bashing of the actual game.
Zero Punctuation is hilarious. I love his game reviews.
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