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[Escapist] Zero Punctuation: House of The Dead: Overkill

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This week, House of the Dead: Overkill versus Killzone 2. Place your bets.
I never fell out my chair when he got to killzone 2.
Haha, "You need to shoot more".
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And I wouldn't have it any other way! ROFL
I've so been meaning to get this game, but sooo much has been shooting out at me lately I just havent gotten to it yet. Between Killzone 2, Resident Evil 1,2,3,4,5, SOCOM, Street Fighter 4, and Halo Wars - I just can't find myself doing anything else.
and i wouldnt have it

Originally Posted by gex80
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So wait did he like the game? lol

More than Killzone 2, apparently.
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Originally Posted by Yahtzee

Nintendo! Nooooooo!

I lol'd.
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the best part of the review was the zombie movie analogy from the beggining
x360: "Nintendo noooooo!!"
ps3: "forget him, he's lost"
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I had another "beer shoot out of my nose" event when he got to killzone 2. 'It's like they were making a WW2 game when they realized that they didn't have any German Voice actors." LOL
haha this guy is so funny. i dont see why you wouldnt like House of the Dead. i mean, as he says, its a stupid game, and you'd only buy it knowing exactly what you were getting into.

i dunno why he reviewed it though, its not really a game to be taken seriously. fun as hell though.
he hasnt reviewed any games lately that i care about. so i've had about a months worth of no zero punctuation

ps the title of this thread should add "VS Killzone 2" to it.

EDIT: "A Hyper-Advanced Etch-A-Sketch" - Best description of the Wii I've ever heard
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