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[ET] Microsoft SideWinder X8 Gaming Mouse Review

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Microsoft really meant it when they said they were going to revive the SideWinder name. The X8 is the third SideWinder mouse in two years. Each of the three has varying levels of abilities, yet the X8 is the crescendo of them. It's the best Microsoft gaming mouse on the market today-and worthy of it. Best dog-gone mouse today? Well, it's the fastest and most accurate-though the shape might not be for everybody.

But, to be honest, as much as we like the X8, we're getting a bit tired of the same old SideWinder mouse and design. Why not design a new gaming mouse, something a bit more edgy with a new look? Consumers now have three SideWinder mice to choose from, and what if they don't like the shape or design?

The X8 has the best tracking engine around (BlueTrack Technology). The wired/wireless capabilities are a nice touch, and it doesn't render your mouse unavailable while it charges. Also, the 4000dpi is the highest of the gaming breed, but who needs a jackhammer when you really need a screwdriver?

The X8 screams gaming mouse: 12 buttons (seven programmable), on-the-fly dpi switching, clicky scroll wheel, macro recording options, LCD screen, easy-to-use software, interchangeable feet, and of course, a super fast and accurate sensor. This is 100% designed for gamers.

Is it worth its weight in gold? We think so. Gaming mice typically won't go above $100, and the X8 is offered at just that price. But it's only worth the money for gamers who will use every single feature the mouse has to offer. If not, you have two other SideWinder mice to choose from at lower prices albeit with fewer features.
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Meh. I like my G9 just fine
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