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Hey guys,

Up for sale my Case Labs S8



Modifications made:
First of all, all modifications can be reversed with rather cheap replacement parts, if you are no water cooler and want the case back to stock it will not be expensive.
- Front 2x120mm has Demciflex Dust filter installed (https://www.caseking.de/en/demciflex-staubfilter-fuer-240mm-radiatoren-schwarz-schwarz-zust-064.html)
- Two holes for G1/4 passthrough at side of mainboard, check pictures
- hole for bay res at side of mainboard tray, one hole in mid tray for mounting a power adjust 3
- The plate that covers bottom rear fan hole has 2x passthrough for Koolance QD3 + 1 hole for passing through power cables /temp sens. etc. for external radiator

img_20495hjms.jpg img_2050n8jr1.jpg img_2051n3kcm.jpg img_2052gijs1.jpg img_2053i4ja0.jpg img_2054kbkbj.jpg img_2055lhkdt.jpg img_2056t0kph.jpg img_20573cjpe.jpg img_205875k7n.jpg img_2059ypkoq.jpg img_2071s9kaa.jpg img_2299lvk2z.jpg img_0039lvk4b.jpg img_9936h7jin.jpg img_99632qkfn.jpg img_9982hejps.jpg

Price: 450€ shipped EU
Item location: Germany

Payment via IBAN or Paypal. Buyer covers fees.

If you need to have the case shipped outside of EU, PM me for a shipping quote.
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