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EUE limit, unstable machine... But only on 548 pointers.

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Everything else runs fine and completes without issue, but immediately after I get a 548 I get this problem.

I'm using an HD4850, factory overclocked to 680MHz (stock is 625) and then manually OC'd to 730MHz.

I've never had any artifacting or other issues, but it can't seem to run these core 548s. I forgot to leave HW monitor running this morning, so I'm not sure if it got too hot, but I doubt it. Temps rarely exceed 70c, and it's been really cold today. Right now it's doing a 511 and maxing at 59c..

Any ideas? I'd rather not back down on my overclock since it works for everything else.
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I have the same problem with 548's. Although it's not a heat problem with mine. The hottest my card gets is 68*C. So i have no idea whats wrong with it. Maybe they are still being worked on.
Set it back to stock clocks. Folding stresses the card harder than any game or benchmark tool. SOme W/U are harder than others and can cause this.
The 511 pointers for us Nvidia guys did the same thing for those with 8800GS/9600GSO's. They had been running fine and then these came along and people started getting errors.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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