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Eve online noob help.

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So im going to start up on eve online? what server should i play and what should i set my stats to? i enjoy mining
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Tranquility is the ONLY server (test server does not count). Everyone that plays shares the same universe. You enjoy mining? God you must be boring.

Kidding, of course. Put nothing in charisma, it does not not matter what race you chose. I think the mining skills are mostly considered industrial skills, so check this out.


Memory and intelligence will be your top two, with less in perception and willpower. Perception will help in training for ship skill which you will need a little for the heavy duty mining ships. And I can't say it enough. Ignore charisma. Download EVEmon. It will help greatly in planning you training of skills. Read the forums carefully. After a while you will be able to see who is full of s### and who isn't.

In fact, read the whole new user guide.


I played for a couple of years, had two accounts even. But I work too much now and really have no time for it. it is a very consuming game. The depth of play CAN BE incredible, and the learning curve is often daunting.

Since I haven't played for a year, that is about as much as I can tell you.
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You dont pick a server, everyone plays on one server.

If you enjoy mining/industry, set your 5 bonus points to Memory/Intelligence or Memory/Perception. (Perceptions simply for the spaceship command stuff...)

Love the fact that you are at 3.8ghz man could plz send the specs so i follow man .
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