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Everest showing some weird temps

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Can someone explain this to me? Don't understand how CPU temp can be so low but CPU Core #1 and Core #2 so hot. This is with a game running and WMP.

This isn't my sig computer, this PC is an

Anthlon 64 Dual Core 2.6GHz
3GB Ram
Nvidia 9800GT

The cooling isn't great on the CPU and I've been crashing with blue screens, PC screen freezing, and random PC shut offs...

Should I get brand new CPU cooling or just maybe some thermal paste?
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try reseating the HSF and apply some AS5 on it. Also the thermal sensors might be bad, Try another utility.

Better yet before you reseat, try looking up the temps in BIOS
It seems to be a bad sensor but first try running realtemp, coretemp, speedfan and see what those readings are. You might need a better aftermarket cooler and some good tim ( ocz freeze, mx-3 ). Curious? what are your ambients?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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