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eVGA 6800 comparison between 81.98 and 81.26 drivers

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so the eVGA 6800 AGP ships out with 81.26 drivers on disc and I initially installed the most recent drivers off guru3d which are still 81.98. Tonight I'm going to uninstall the 81.98 completely (yes driver cleaner pro will be used) and put the 81.26 drivers on to see how my card performs in aq3 and 3dmark03. I'm also planning to see how much overclock is affected by different driver versions, if any. For the record I do have the vf700 cooler on my GPU.

Does anybody know how to monitor, or track, the temp of my video card throughout the benchmarking tests? Obviously I won't be alt + tabbing out of the benchmark test to see how my temps are doing so I need something that writes to a log file that can be reviewed afterwards. Does anything like this even exist?

I'll post an update after the first set of benchmarks is complete.

Thanks guys!
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ive tried a ton of drivers, from NGO's and Extreme G's .. right now im using 81.98 extreme g by tru . and its the best for me so far, i hit 13k on 3dmark03
, best thing to do is use driver cleaner and nvidia nasty file remover. defrag ect after an install.
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