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EVGA 680i issues, 1d error and random reboots

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I recently bought a 680i-A1 board used off of a member here and the system went together fairly easily but i've run into a couple of snags. I have a 2gb (2x1gb) set of G. Skill DDR2-800 memory and a set of Corsair XMS-2 1066 memory. The system boots fine with the g.skill installed by itself, but post a 1d code everytime the Corsair is installed, whether by it self or in conjunction with the g.skill. I've played with voltages some to no avail it just won't post with the corsairs. It's kinda mind boggling because the corsair is SLI ready memory and won't even post.
any suggestions on that are much appreciated.

the second problem is when the g.skill is installed and boots into windows (Vista 64) all works fine but with any kind of overclock on the CPU, even when memory is stock or underclocked, the system will randomly reboot without warning. Just shuts off completely like someone threw the switch on the back. Could this be a power supply issue, or some other mobo issue? This is my first Nvidia based board so any tips would be awesome
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