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Hey guys,
i'm having a bit of trouble getting custom bioses to work on my 780 Ti's, hoping someone can help.

Basically, once i'm using the alternative bioses, i cannot use SLI, and if it does work, I can't use surround (important because i have 3 screens).

system specs are

windows 7 64bit
rampage iv be
32gb ddr3 gskill tridentx 2133mhz
850pro ssd os drive
evga 780 ti classified
evga 780 ti kingpin (its a waste, i know, i wanted another classy but didnt have much choice)

so basically i flashed the kingpin with the XOCKPETI bios for the 780 TI KPE from the kingpin/classy owners thread.
i flashed the classy with skyn3t rev2.0 bios (boost disabled and boost enabled, tried both).
flashes always said "successful" and i did them all from a bootable usb (not from windows).

i've done a fresh drive install after every bios change.

i've had a few issues, such as a screen not working all together, one card not exceeding 650mhz etc.
But each time i fix an issue there is always one issue left, and that is SLI and surround don't seem to work with the changed firmware.

I can't really switch my cards around coz they are under water, so I can only isolate one card, the first one (KPE) by turning off PCIE lane #3 (classy plugged here), if i turn off #1 PCIE, the system doesn't see the classy at all, no post, nothing.

any advice would be greatly appreciated, because now that i have started this, i want to finish it.
any extra info i've missed can be provided also

edit: have been using drivers 347.09 and 347.88 as they have been the most stable with stock bios.
maybe they don't play nice with the custom bioses?
if anyone can advise a stable driver to try with. I'm on about driver reinstall #30-40...
not much left I can try that i know of.

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well i'm pretty much at a loss, tried all combos of bioses.
found that one of my display port cables had failed halfway through this process, but replacing that with a dvi still didnt help.

So far from what I've seen, I'd recommend that if you have a KPE and a Classy in your system and running SLI with surround, don't try to use custom bioses, they don't play nice together.
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