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Originally Posted by bigsmitty

Hey guys i just got my 2 GTX card in my rig today.. and they run awesome but after i got done playing some BF2 ,,, i opened the side of my case to move a wire off of the card and i touched the big black heatsinks ( i guess thats what u call the things around the EVGA card ) and it was really hot.
I checked the temp on my cards and they were 51 degrees. alot cooler than my 6800GT was. do u think those big black things are pulling alot of heat from the cards since there so hot. or should i be worried about getting some more cool air into the case.

It's pulling heat of the the GPU. Considering 51c is right around 123F, that is why it felt hot to the touch. Under full load your graphics card can get rather hot 65-70c, as long as it doesn't go over 90c your fine.
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