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EVGA 780I FTW, not saving bios settings?

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Hey guys! I have a bit of a problem here. I have had this board for about 6 months now with no issues at all. It have ran flawlessly forthat time. Until about a week or 2. I have been having this ongoing issue of the board not saving my bios settings. The rig is currently in my sig, the chip is an E6420 atm. Now, whats happening is I set the chip to 1800fsb so 3.8ghz, and my ram to 900mhz (sli capable disabled) for a healthy 1:1 ratio. Save it, boots up np. Restart the PC, and it goes back to 1600fsb and 975mhz on my ram, so a 12:13 ratio....ewwwww? Its a bit odd tha this is happening, talked to EVGA support, and I got the generic "please refer to the forums" garbage so Im a bit at a loss as to why this issue is happening. I have tried resetting cmos a few times over the weeks to no resolve at all. Any input would help, thanks!
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Did the battery go dead on the board?
Thats what I thought at first so I changed it last week. it still holds an OC though, all be it a very odd one, but not the one I want or set it to. SO whenever I set it to the oc i request, It will boot at that OC and be stable on Orthos for 8 hrs, but If I restart the rig, it goes to that odd setting all on its own.
That is strange I've never had it happen yet.
Have you tried the new BIOS I don't know if it would help, worth a try I guess.
Ya, I think im going to give that a shot today when I get home, if that doesnt help, im just gonna yell at EVGA support and get them to RMA the damn board. I mean come on, the thing has a limited lifetime warranty, why are they so reluctant to rma these things? I have never had an issue with XFX when i go to RMA something. Will post an update of progress in the morning after I get the new bios installed and set up.
This means I have to stop folding for a while....
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I've noticed that the BIOS of the 780i FTW will set back to default clock settings sometimes... it probably runs some sort of test when it first powers on, and if it detects that it's not 'stable' it'll reset the settings in the BIOS to stock. Idk if that's what you're experiencing but it could be.
My 780i was doing the same thing, I would oc it then restart and it would show up overclocked on the boot up screen but when i got into vista everything was stock and when i restarted and went back in the bios everything was default.
I updated my bios right from the evga site they got 3 ways to do it i went went the iso.
Now everything is bak to normal.
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