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Evga 780i FTW OC & Temps

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This is the first time ive ever OC this much before and im kinda scared ( my new pc is my baby ) so the temps worry me a bit.At idle and no OCing my temps look like this.

But OCed at 3.5 the core temps range from 47-51 at idel ( is that hot enough to hurt my pc? ). 5 passes of intel burn test at 100% usage the cores hit 60-65 easy. The test passes every time as well but those core temps scare me so do i have anything to worry about? is that to hot under full load.

i also think my NB has a huge effect on my over all case temps ( in the process of getting a new fan and reverse it to blow off the gpu )

EVGA 780i ftw
V8 heatsink
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Please Fill in System Specs Here

65C on IBT is acttually great temps. The max temp for the Q9550 is 71C/max vcore is 1.365v.

Edit: By the way, IBT runs your cpu at way hotter then it will ever run in real life so you're temps will be great for regular use.
I have updated my system specs. I will OC my system tomorrow and post the read out for the temps. Also in speed temp the cpu reading what is that? is it over all temp of cpu?

so its normal for the cores to idle at 40-45 on stock settings with upgraded cooling
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The core temps are what are really important rather than the overall CPU temp(It's still important but ussually you worry about the cores). As long as the Core temps stay below 71 (it's okay if they hit it or exceed it but not for long), you are fine.

It's a little high for an idle, but that will depend on the ambient temp. If it is a warm room, then idle temps will be higher, but since your load under IBT was only 65C max, then you are fine.

If you are still worried, then you can reseat your heatsink, and apply the TIM(thermal interface material ex: artic silver 5) like this.

Also, rememeber that IBT temps are just scary temps. I can pretty much guarantee that you will never see temps that high unless you are running IBT.
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When I applied my TIM I just put a thin even coat covering the entire cpu ( I used OCZ Thermal Paste ).Was i wrong to do it this way?
your temps are fine. as long as they don't go above 70c. under load.
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