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EVGA 8400GS pencil mod?

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Just scored a free after rebate EVGA 8400GS. Now I would like to mess with it a little bit. Does anyone know if there's a pencil mod for this card? I might use it to replace my dying X1950GT in my parents' comp if I can get it to at least play some old games. The only reference to a pencil mod for this card is at Guru3D, but the thread is 2 years old and they didn't have pictures on which resistor to shade.


Thanks in advance.

Edit:It turns out this mod is still useful to some, if you found this thread via searching, the completed vGPU mod is in post #8. http://www.overclock.net/graphics-ca...ml#post7785113
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I have one of these cards and I think you're wishing in one hand and... defecating in the other.

Or, I think you've no chance of getting it to play anything at all on any decent level. I managed nearly a 100% OC on one and it didn't make a difference to gaming at all. However, good luck in your endeavours and I'll be subbing this thread!
The game I'm thinking of playing is like Starcraft, CS:S and maybe HoN on low settings. If there's no voltmods for it tho, that's ok. I think I'll just use the X1950GT until it dies.
Pm CL3P20 he is the resident V-modder.
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Not sure about a pencil mod, I've done hardmods for vgpu & vmem on this card using 50k VRs, here's a pic of my card & the mod instruction pics I used...

Edit: went to look at a pencil mod & here it is (for the reference cards, mine isn't like this)...

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Thanks for the info. I might hardmod it if I can't find a pencil mod.
Here are some high res pictures of the PCB. Can someone help me find out if a pencil mod is possible with this card? Thanks in advance.

Whole card

Top left

Top right
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I was kinda bumbed after I found out my card is the crippled G98 8 shader version instead of the decent G86 16 shader version. I hate Nvidia for these schemes.

Big thanks to CL3P20 for helping me find the pencil mod for this card! The mod worked out great. I shaded the resistor from 770ohms down to 560 ohms. After the mod the blue leg reads 1.390v. Right now I'm running at 910 core, 2125 shaders, 400 mem. (This is with a modded old CPU cooler) Haven't messed with the mem yet. But I don't think I'll do the vmem mod, since the mem chips don't have a heatsink on them.

Thanks to CL3P20 again for the help.

Edit: I oc'd the mem to 460mhz without doing a vmem mod. At 910/2125/460, the card scored 2014 in 3DMark06. I so wish this card is the 16 shader version, it might've gotten close to 4k in 3DMark06 with an extra 8 shaders.
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Can you send your bios, I have an Evga 8400 gs too, i flash fail and i need it to flash back.
This is my 8400GS G98 bios. It's stock bios, but of course use it at your own risk. OCN won't let me attach .bin format, so I have to zip it, just unzip it before you do the flash.
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