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EVGA 8600GT 1GB GDDR2 overclock Data

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Hey everyone! I have recently overclocked my 8600GT just to get better game play. I noticed their are alot of questions about overclocking for this card. I put mine at risk to find a "SAFE" overclock for you! (My card has a 3 year warranty

Ok here is my standard clocks:

GPU Temperature:

Core Clock:


Shader Clock:

Memory Clock:

Fan Speed:

OK! now here is it overclocked:

GPU Temperature:
(Scanned for Artifacts w/ ATI Tool for 10 minutes)

Core Clock:

Shader Clock:


Memory Clock:

Fan Speed:

This seems to be a stable "SAFE" overclock. But this is with this card,

I noticed that people with GDDR3 can have a lot higher memory clocks but i don't care. I hope this was helpful!

P.S.-> If you have any suggestions on things i should change please do not hesitate to tell me.

Have a good day!
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sadly dude you got ripped off, I had a 256mb DDR3 8600GT and a 512mb DDR2 8600GT. Guess what at the speed that the extra ram helped both cards couldnt play anyway. I would return it for an 8600GT 256mb DDR3 card. 800mhz vs 1400mhz is a big differance, and you will notice it alot more than the extra ram which you cant use
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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