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EVGA 512-P2-N773-AR
8600GTS 512Mb
This card was purchased 8/07 from Newegg. This card has been a very solid card for me over the years. I paid $209.99 new
. 1800ppd for you folders out there. Supplementary power is by 1 4-pin molex. I've installed 4 pure copper enzotech ramsinks on the exposed ram on the back side of the PCB. Adding the ramsinks lowered my temps significantly (5-8c @ load). Card runs rather cool and the little fan isn't noisy at all.
Newegg Link

EVGA 256-P2-N761-TR
8600GTS 256Mb

Purchased 11/08 from Newegg. Like my other one also a very strong card.
Newegg Link

Ti-83 plus
Its a graphing calculator. Outside cover has scratches on it but it works fine. I lost mine so I bought another one.... only to later find out that it was hiding at the bottom of my backpack
Newegg Link

Silverstone ST60F
Just curious about this one.
Newegg Link

Has all cables and comes with 3 controllers + a few memory cards.

26 PS2 games - Mostly shooting/driving. Roughly how much each?

ThermalTake Aquabay M3
Comes with all of the compression fittings and other stuff
Frozen CPU Link

6x Koolance 3/8ID Compression fittings
FrozenCPU Link

Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition
For PC, used once or twice

No powersupply (5V, 2A) Just the little brick that is the print server.
Newegg Link

LINKSYS 4-Port KVM Switch
Switch only, no cables
Newegg Link

So in summary here is a list of the stuff I would like appraised

Evga 8600GTS 512Mb -
Evga 8600GTS 256Mb -
Ti-83 Plus -
Silverstone ST60F -
PS2 -
26 PS2 Games -
Tt Aquabay -
6x Koolance comp fittings -
SimCity4 Deluxe -
LINKSYS PSUS4 PrintServer -
LINKSYS 4-Port KVM Switch -
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