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Hello, today I have a graphics card listing.

I'm looking to sell my lightly used GTX 980, its a couple of months old but in great shape and runs very well. I have the original box and all the included items still in the packaging (if said item comes packaged, such as the cd with drivers for example otherwise the rest of the stuff is "loose" in the box like it comes out of the factory) except for the VGA to DVI adapter which i passed on to a friend. I still have my receipt as well, it was purchased at my local microcenter.

I'd like to get 430 USD shipped for it but i'm open to trades of a less powerful graphics card + cash if the deal is right. No AMD cards or anything older than maxwell however. Looking for a 960 or a 970 if I trade. EVGA is the preferred brand but will consider MSI, ASUS and Gigabyte models if they are in good, clean condition - comparable to my own card.

If there are any other offers you may have feel free to PM me, but as i've stated above all, looking for cash or cash + a maxwell gpu.

For people interested in its overclockability
Without going above 85% power usage with the fan speed manually set to 40% in GTA 5 the card boosts up to 1455 on its own without any overclocking, and some light overclocking shows the card is capable of boosting to 1593 Mhz with a +125 to the core clock still staying below 93% power usage at peak, so the card seems to be fairly capable in my opinion. I've included a screenshot to show it can reach without any trouble the 1593 mhz core clock but have decided not to push it any further but it seems to have some headroom still and im sure it could do 1650+ especially if you bump the power limit.
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