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EVGA GTX260 192core SC

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I havent been able to game since work and school have been busy for me. So i figure my sli setup is pretty pointless (not to mention isnt really being utilized to the fullest with resolution at 1680x1050) Was wondering how much I could get for the GTX160 192core SC version. I got lucky and ordered both the regular versions and got the SC versions.
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Since its used, i would sasy around 160 (since the cheapest core 192 is 175 recertified from newegg)
$160 Shipped
By the way, how much better is GTX260 core216 from old g80 8800GTS 640Mb?? Is it worth an upgrade?
Certainly worth the upgrade if youre on a 24".

$165 shipped
Just a heads up, but I have seen the 216 core version at Newegg for $175 for 2 weeks now. That includes MIR and Promo code, but still....
$150-160 shipped.
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