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Howdy folks,

I'm still in the shopping around phase of the computer that I plan on building for Mom in a little bit, and I thought I had settled on the EVGA H55V. I have some brand loyalty to EVGA, and I always prefer to go with one of their products if the option is available. However, in doing a bit of research on this board, it seems that the BIOS options are severely limited. There are no options to set RAM timing and frequencies, and overclocking isn't supported at all. Since this is Mom's computer, I'm more worried about the mainboard's ability to accept upgrades over time than I am about the overclocking features, but I'd still like to have a full-featured board.

Here's the question: Is there any reason why EVGA's H55V would not accept a flash of the EVGA H55 BIOS? If it would, then my problems would be solved and I won't need to look at the competition or wait for EVGA to release a full-featured BIOS.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

EDIT: Haha! No all-caps thread titles, huh? That's fine, too!
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