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EVGA launches "loaner program"

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This program gives you the opportunity to test out the latest and greatest technology offered for two weeks right in your home. Sign up is free and for members only. EVGA will randomly select participants and can not guarantee participation to all that sign up. If you are selected, EVGA will ship you a product to test and review for two weeks! You will then send the product on to the next person selected by EVGA - the only cost to you is shipping via UPS to the next designated participant.

Sign up today to test out the latest technology from EVGA and NVIDIA!
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Source: http://www.evga.com/elp/
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Search yielded nothing sorry guys x-x'


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Not that hard to use search, really. Click Search -> Search Titles Only -> Under Search in Forum(s) highlight Industry News -> in the search box type, EVGA -> results!
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