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EVGA P55 FTW SLI and i7 860

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Board is in pretty much like new shape, will include accessories and original box
Board is warrantied by EVGA Until 1/7/2013 and would work with buyer if they needed to send it in.

and the cpu is an i7 860 that will easily hit 4ghz on crappy air, 4.2ghz+ on water or good air coolers. CPU Has been carefully lapped and has served me well.

Looking to go sandy bridge with the money i get from this + little though in cash so give me the shipped value please!!!!

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I'd probably go around $300. Maybe a little more. Its a $320 CPU and $250 motherboard brand new, so $170/$130 seems reasonable.

Sell it locally though. If you try it here all you'll get is "oh but Microcenter had it for this much"
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