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[EVGA] Sli Enhancement Patch v7

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Enable SLI in the latest games - NOW!
EVGA has now released the first version of the EVGA SLI Enhancement! This unofficial patch enables temporary SLI support in the latest games. In order to quickly enhance SLI Profile issues that come up with any new demo or game release; EVGA has decided to publicly release this update to patch add any SLI profiles so you can take full advantage of SLI right now!
Check this page often for any updates or support for the latest games and demos!

Version 7 (03.18.09)
Based on 182.08 driver

* Enables SLI support for Merchants of Brooklyn
* Enables SLI support for The Hunter
* Enables SLI support for Watchmen
* Enables SLI support for MLB 2K9
* Enables SLI support for Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.
* Enables SLI support for The Last Remnant Demo and Benchmark
source and where to download
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The tilte of this thread led me to believe it was something else
BOOOOOOOOO still no sli support for gta4

Originally Posted by mnishimura00 View Post
BOOOOOOOOO still no sli support for gta4
Newest Drivers should give support. I know my 181.22 do.
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does anyone know if this is better than using nhancer?
nice finally better drivers
ooo sli in HAWX.. now lets see how the 295 does against the 4870x2
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