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evga step up?

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i will be stepping up to a 295 within the 2 months. I am curious if the step up cost of the newer card is the current card price, or the price when you bought your card? Is there any point in waiting till the last minute to give the price a chance to drop? or will my step up price stay the same for me no matter what the current price of the 295 is?
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Step price is MSRP.... this rarely changes.

EVGA uses the price that you paid for the card as credit towards the new card.
price when you bought your card. So yeah wait til the last minute to wait for price drops or a new product. Ive done it before
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It's actually best to time your purchase about 3 months before a new revision launch.

i.e. I bought a 7800GT for $250.... 2 months later the faster 7900GT launched at like $230.

Or GTX260 196 were allowed to Step Up to Core 216 for the cost of shipping.
nothing new is coming any time soon, right?

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nothing new is coming any time soon, right?
A GTX275 I heard is in the works...I'm holding off on my step-up for that. But it won't be comparable to a GTX295, if that's a question that comes to your mind.
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Yeah I think the next biggest thing is the 300 series which probably wont be out until this fallish.
if i file for a step up the day before it runs out, but i am put into a queue for a week or so after my step up window is closed, will they still let me step up?
I think that as long as its filed before the deadline you should be fine because it does take a while for them to process you.
ooo I want the 300 series. I wonder how ridiculously expensive they will be..
Probably 500~600 dollars for the flagship and 300~400 for the lesser one. But who knows how many versions there will be of it. The rate nvidia has been going...
if i go from a 260 to a 9500gt would evga keep the money they saved or would i get the difference in evga bucks?
into cash/paypal/cc or evga bucks?
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