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EVGA x58 3x SLI - will 3 cards ACTUALLY fit?

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Does anyone have this board with 3 cards actually installed? I mean with the USB cables plugged in, front panel audio etc. I have had nothing but trouble with the rampage II extreme board so I went out and bought this board thinking 3 275's would be more than enough horsepower. Any feedback?
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Yes, 3 cards really will fit, assuming the board fits in your case.

As a general rule, I always plugin the audio, USB and other front panel junk before installing PCI/PCIe cards.
They sohuld definately fit but they won't have too much breathing room. does it have alternate USB headers, you might need ot do some serious wirebending and or give up on the front usb/audio in certain cases

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I had the EVGA X58 board before I stepped it up to the Classified. The only issue you'll have is the onboard power and reset switches will be covered up. But you'll also see that the stuff on that edge has been designed low profile and pushed out toward the edge so a card will fit OK.

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Thanks. So now it begs the question. Is it even worth the effort of 3x275's in SLI. Is it going to perform better than 2x285's in SLI? I can buy 3 275's X $230 for $690 or two 285's x $350 for $700. The thought of tri-sli is pretty awesome. It does make for another $100 water block when it comes time to water cool though and just about necessitates a second loop in my cooling plan. I have a corsair case so space is not an issue. Although I may also consider spending a little more and going with two 295's and calling it a day. Will my corsair 1000w powersupply be enough power for 3x275's or 2x295's?
Although cross fire supported or not, it looks like the best bang for the buck may be the 5970. Looks like it will perform slightly slower that 2 295's and cost about $400-$500 less. It would also use 1/4 of the power of 2 295's or 3 275's. Maybe a 5970 and a 9800GTX for physx?
i think its the same layout as the classified and i ran 3 cards in mine no problem.
Yes, you can use three cards. I currently am, one of them isn't a dual slot card, but just looking at it it has enough room for three. As far as breathing room, my top card only went up 1C when I added the 8500GT under it, so it shouldn't get too hot I wouldn't think.
If you're spending $700, why aren't you considering a 5970? Faster than 2 285s and only take 1 slot, for $100 cheaper...then next year get another one for cheap.
Get 5970 unless you are folding, in which case get a GTX 275 for now and get a Fermi card when nVidia get there ass together and release them. I imagine they will fold like beasts!
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