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EVGA x58 and Coolermaster V8 hsf Compatible

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Looking to purchase a V8 to put on my new i7. Will it fit on the mobo without:

1) rubbing up against the NB

2) getting in the way of Corsair Dominator RAM?

Looks like it would be a tight fit, please respond if you have any insight. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by TheMan47 View Post
I put a V8 on my Rampage 2 (which has a pretty big NB cooler) and it fits fine. That EVGA has a crazy NB cooler though, so it's anyones guess. I say, just get a Rampage 2!
Not everyone has that kind of money to spare... but thanks for the tip lol

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The v8 fits fine on the x58... as for ram clearance, i'm not 100% sure. If you'd like, check my build log. There should be some pics in there that show the clearance on the x58
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