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EVGA X58 SLI Board

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Hi i just bought the EVGA with a 920 and 12gigs of 1600mhz corsairs ram, and i dont no if its because its too fast but when i start the pc and it posts, and i try to hit del to get into bios but it posts so fast i dont get a chance to get to bios

any 1 no what to do in this case, or if i can get to bios anotherway?

and another issue is..
when i put my pc to sleep... the system itself sleeps but ALL my fans and water cooling keep runing... why?
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Take out 3 of the sticks? As soon as you see the post code change on the board, start tapping the del key.

You'd get more help with two different threads since you have two different issues. Maybe try posting the WC question in the WC thread.
as soon as you hit the power button start laying into the del button. Jus keep pressing it like crazy
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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