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Ewido VS Norton. The battle between Good and Evil

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Will Ewido work with Norton or do you have to uninstall Norton to get Ewido working properly
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As a rule it's bad to have multiple antivirus programs running together. They'll pick up eachothers activity as being a threat. I would recommend using Grisoft's AVG Free Edition.

-- http://free.grisoft.com
are free edition ones any good, i havnt heard much on Grisoft products
It's really good... I run it on my computer and we put it on all the computers we build / ones that don't have antivirus at the shop I work at. They update it at least once a week and the program itself has a really low overhead (that means it's quick and doesn't kill your system during the scan).
i mean, obviously you can tell i dont like norton very much but you trust it with the additional security systems of your computer?
Norton is the worst. It takes foreve and sucks down all your cpu power. It refuses to uninstall.

I have heard really good things about Grisoft AVG.

I have mcaffee, it came with my internet service, I will be switching over to Grisoft on my next reformat.
so you wouldnt be able to run norton and avg together?
Ewido is more of a spyware hunter than anything. So naturally that should not affect each other. Ewido is a major part of my everyday job and just about every tom dick and harry has norton... Never seen a problem.
I have had AVG running synchronously with Norton on one of the computers I was working on, once you get the permissions sorted out it works fine.

Although you may not have heard of Grisoft,I believe AVG is superior to Norton (aswell as AVAST). It has a very low overhead as stated before,so its not going to get in the way of your everyday activity.

The best of the best though (In my opinion) is NOD32. I just like it more than all of the rest,it's on par with AVG aside from more frequent updates.
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