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Ex-Box One S

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UPDATE! I'm done with the build. I'd love to thank Heath over at Tek by Design for his work on some of the cables, as well as Michael over at MB Custom Sleeving. They're both excellent guys, and both do great work! With the cable credits out of the way, let's check out the rest of the system!

I have a build.gg page with more info as well: Ex-Box One S

So the final specs came out to be:
CaseXbox One S
CasePrototype Printing
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 7 4700G
MotherboardASRock Phantom Gaming X570 ITX/TB3
MemoryG.Skill Trident Z Neo 16GB 4800MHz
StorageWD Black SN750 1TB
Power SupplyHDPLEX 400W DC-ATX PSU
Power BrickDell 330W AC Charger
MonoblockBitspower ASRock X570 ITX/TB3 Monoblock
FittingsBitspower G1/4" to 3/8" Barb Fitting, 90° Rotary
FittingsBitspower G1/4" to 3/8" Barb Fitting, 90° Rotary
FittingsBitspower G1/4" Extender Fitting 15mm
FittingsBitspower G1/4" to 3/8" Barb Fitting, 90° Rotary
FittingsBitspower G1/4" to 3/8" Barb Fitting, 2 Pack
TubingEKWB EK-DuraClear Soft Tubing, 10/13mm (3/8" ID, 1/2" OD), 3 Meter, Clear
PumpAlphacool DC-LT 2600 Ceramic 12V Pump
ReservoirAlphacool Eisstation 40 DC-LT
RadiatorAlphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 50mm Dual Radiator
FluidEKWB CryoFuel Mystic Fog Premix
FansGELID Solutions Silent5 FN-SX05-40 50mm
CablesMB Custom Sleeving - 8 Pin EPS

And alas, photos!











So it's been a few years since I started my Ex-Box 360 build, and I think I'm done with it. I updated that thread last week with it completed at PDXLAN last month. The build was even featured by AMD and they interviewed me. Got me itching to step my game up.

A few friends of mine had been pushing me to do something in an Xbox One; which I took a look at, and once again realized it would be too easy. I could fit normal components in it and just boot it. Enter in my new project: a One S, fully watercooled with a custom loop.

I didn't want to post things too early, since I already did that on my personal FB and had a few other people jump on the train and build their own.

As parts are purchased I will come back and add them here.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 2400G
Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix X470-I Gaming
Motherboard Tray: CaseLabs Mercury S3 or Lian-Li PC-Q25 (unsure of yet)
CPU Waterblock: XSPC RayStorm Pro RGB WaterBlock White
CPU Waterblock: Swiftech Apogee SKF
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3000MHz
SSD: Samsung PM961 250GB NVMe
Radiator: Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 50mm Triple
Radiator fans: 3x GELID Silent5 FN-SX05-40
Rigid fittings: Primochill RevolverSX - Sky White
Rigid fittings: Nanoxia CF Hard Tube G1/4" to 12mm
PSU: HDPLEX 400W DC-ATX Power Supply
Sleeving: Teleios (Acid Green & Polar White), done by 'Tek by Design'

The cables and screws will be custom done for the build by a local modder, Tek by Design.

But here is the start of the project!

The day the shell arrived:

The system was already stripped out, I had just bought the shell off of ebay - so I got straight down to removing the plastic I didn't need that would just take up system space.

I planned out how I wanted to do the build more this time, and came up with the idea for a custom scratch built frame to hold all of the components. One I could just slip in the shell and drop in place, once I knew it was the right size.

I went to Lowes and picked up some short pieces of metal (couldn't get any longer than 3', wouldn't fit in my Lexus or my fiance's Miata otherwise)

Below is what it looks like when I test fit first inside of the console.

Took the metal out, gave it some marks...

Cut each piece down to slot into the other one.

Just this morning finished the other side.

And finally test fit back into the console.

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This gets better with every post. Will you be putting a GPU in this? I looked through the posts again and didn't see anything with you clarifying or mentioning that.
There will be no room for a GPU. Components are stacked from the bottom all the way to the top. There's about 1" of room between the motherboard PCI-e slot and the radiator... but that is where the power plug is going, as well as fill/drain port, and somehow fit the pump in there also.

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I didn't think there was room for a GPU, but I didn't know if something was planned that I didn't know about :D. Carry on. I'm enjoying the build a ton :D.

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I didn't think there was room for a GPU, but I didn't know if something was planned that I didn't know about :D. Carry on. I'm enjoying the build a ton :D.
Glad to hear it! There's been a lot less subbed to this than my last build, so I was wondering what was going on - if people were still into this kind of thing or not. Thanks for letting me know!

More of the 24 pin done. It's getting increasingly harder to do each pin, so hopefully it can be completed as we have it planned.


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So here we have the first major issue of the build. The 24-pin being sleeved. Even using 18G wire, the cable itself is getting far too thick, too hard to manipulate, and would be impossible to complete. Getting the pins in by the end would be impossible, they're already overlapping. Photos included.

So instead it had to go unsleeved. Something will be figured out to make it look better by the end.

Once again, props goes to Heath from Tek by Design by doing this for me. He works with me in my shop sometimes, and is a great local modder to the Portland area.

Last little bits of sleeving that needs to be done for the fans, leaving just the eventually pump, and the CMOS batter whatever I plan to do with that.

Got the final memory for the build today as well, Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz, 2x8GB kit.

Most of the build is done aside from collecting the watercooling gear, wrapping up sleeving, one final coat of paint and then sealant on the frame - and some last minor details.

Sadly most of my spare funds have run out, and might take a month or two more to finish the watercooling supplies, unless I get a response from those I reached out to as potential sponsors. (Nanoxia and Swiftech)

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I'd leave the 24 pin unsleeved. It looks quite clean compared to most default 24 pin connectors. Especially since it's all black. Sleeving it won't really bring much imo as each single run from pin to pin looks only to be about 20 to 40mm long.

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If they had an appropriate Ryzen ITX board with a port to plug the razer dock or similar into it? Sure, I'd go along with that.
You could always use the M.2 slot on the back with an EXP GDC(or other) dock if you do have the need for a more powerful GPU down the line.

They're not hotpluggable like the TB3 ones, but there should also be less overhead.

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Got sick for nearly a month. Am almost better now, but finances have taken a deep hit.

This project is not dead, but it is on the back burner until somehow I get finances back to the point where I can finish it.

Thank you for your interest in this project, and I hope to be back at it before long.

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So I finally got moved into my new place, and dug the project back out.

The frame received some damage, so I'll be repairing that shortly, but here it is on my new table top.

Got the fan grills painted.

Ordered the new waterblock:

Bonus picture of my (still currently setting up) office space.


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Indeed. I don't mind the wait at all since all of these updates have been quality :thumb:. Looking forward to more as they come!

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I subbed this thread from the beginning and i love this project! Take all the time you need, good works needs time and patience.

I love these "craftworks" and i'm a little "envious" because i don't have the necessary abilities to build anything more complex than a standard pc... :)

I stay tuned for updates!

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Sorry for the long delay all! I'm back for another few updates.

I was struggling with what to do when it came to how to integrate a pump. Found the Alphacool Eisbaer LT Solo, which is a block with an integrated pump like an AIO - problem is, it's SUPER ugly.

Decided to give that a try.

It fits, JUST BARELY within spec.

Is definitely not the ideal look for having a window. Will need to look for another possible solution.

That other solution came within a couple of months! The ASRock A300 Series PC!

Ordered one the second I could, to scavenge the STX motherboard from the case.

The cats loved me ordering from Newegg.

The new system is so small, it makes me almost want to scrap the xbox idea, and try to watercool it instead.

Got the full mobo/psu out of the build.

New setup ready for transplant, after testing of course!

With a successful test boot, it was time to see how it fit into the chassis. It's far smaller than the ITX counterpart, and will need to either drill new holes in this tray, use the tray it came with, or a third alternative. I'm still debating on what to do here.

With the decreased size, that then gives me some options for the rest of the real estate within the chassis. Can I fit a pump, and thus a better aesthetically pleasing block?


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Huge update.

Wasn't happy with how the old layout was turning out, so I scrapped it (shockingly at this point, I know /s), and moved onto a different idea.

First major update was shifting away from trying to cold weld the frame together, to making it via 3d printing. So I did up some prototypes in blender, and got them printed. Below I'll show off the 3rd prototype, and that's the one that is currently printed, but I got a 4th iteration already in the works which will optimize screw locations and internal layout liters.



Next was to use 6-32 Inserts with a 5.5 OD to provide locations for motherboard standoffs. Got them installed and motherboard situated.



This put the motherboard slightly above where I wanted it to go, but unless I wanted to hack parts off of it, it's what needs to be.

I'm thinking I will shift the bottom to having a tempered glass panel slightly offset from it, thus giving a few extra millimeters of clearance for the motherboard, and fittings.

I tried to find a few alternative pump/block combos, and people had suggested an Apogee Drive II, so I tried that out.... whoever thought it would fit... just, no. No it will not. I can't remember who you are, but you know. You know.


So from then I found out about the "Alphacool Eisstation 40 DC-LT" - which is IMPOSSIBLE to buy right now, so I don't know when I can complete this project. If anyone has one lying around, I want it. Will pay full price plus shipping if you got one that is fully intact.

Found out I only had a 1 square inch area for both inlet and outlet tubing to route, so went with 3/8ths ID, 1/2" OD tubing to fit through the space between the memory and the heatsink. (pictured below)


The pump will most likely need to sit where the end of the radiator is, as shown in the photo below, so I ordered a dual 50mm radiator, instead of using this triple - hoping the cooling will be enough for the Ryzen 7 Pro 4700G that will be in here now. (already ordered and on the way, along with a new waterblock, pump, etc etc)


So here is where we are for now, waiting to buy that res/pump housing, waiting for other parts, planning out the final loop.

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